Friday, October 9, 2009

Another cell tower permit approved

City of Eureka "will be sued" according to opponents

David Courtland, Humboldt Sentinel


Eureka's city council granted a conditional use permit for construction of a 50-foot T-Mobile cell phone tower on Dean Street at its Oct. 6 meeting.

Sara Pfeiffer and four other residents of the commercially zoned street fought against the permit, appealing a Planning Commission decision made at a meeting they said wasn't conducted fairly. Councilman Larry Glass agreed, saying developer Tom McMurray would be the one appealing if the meeting had been conducted properly.

Pfeiffer and others argued the tower would be the tallest structure on the street and would obstruct the flight path of helicopters landing at St. Joseph Hospital's heliport, but McMurray noted the project had to meet federal guidelines before it could be brought to the city council.

Glass and Linda Atkins cast the 'no' votes in a 3-2 split decision that opponent Sue Brandenburg guaranteed the city would be sued over. Councilman Jeff Leonard's motion to approve the project included Glass' amendment to reimburse Pfeiffer for the cost of her appeal.

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